Reading is the foundation for learning and it is essential for young readers to develop good reading habits. Reading With Farly is a unique interactive program that encourages young readers to read in a fun and rewarding way. Farly will guide your young reader with audio and colorful visual messages throughout the program. Your young reader will begin the program by setting a reading goal to complete 12 books. Young readers will learn how to keep a reading journal, answer questions about the stories, draw pictures, learn new words, and earn Farly Stars and stickers along the way. When the program is completed your young reader will receive a Farly Star Graduate diploma. All information is entered via your computer’s keyboard. All pages can be saved and stored digitally or printed. Bulky notebooks are not necessary. The Reading With Farly program is packed with 114 pages that will provide hours of fun and learning activities for your young reader to enjoy. Why wait any longer to jumpstart your young reader’s success. Order your copy today and download the program instantly. The program is available for digital download on Etsy.com. Click the Shop Now button below to order. This program is recommended for grades 1-3.

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